Coach Giancola: A Reflection on the Senior Class

November 29, 2018
Posted in Fall 2018
November 29, 2018 Taylor Pietrangelo

Eleven players on the Montclair State football team would take their places on the home turf for the second to last time. I sat down with head coach Coach Giancola to reflect on how these guys have made an impact on the team.

It’s 12pm on an October afternoon. The sun was shining down on Sprague Field in Montclair, New Jersey home of the Montclair State University (MSU) Red Hawks. Hunter Daley, number 19 sets up the ball ready for kick-off. Willie Barr, number 29, is the running back for MSU would end his final season with 502 rushing yards, 125 receiving yards and 72 kick return yards. The Captains, Mauro Altamura and Jake Weber, have left an impact not only on the stat sheet but with the dynamic of the team. With the season ending, Coach G also reflected on his love for the sport and the reason he has been around for 36 seasons.